What Attracts Spiders the Most [No Pictures of Spiders]

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House spiders are one of the most common types of spiders in North America. They are often found in homes, and their webs can be a nuisance. House spiders are not dangerous, but some of them can bite if they feel threatened. But what attracts spiders and how can we keep them away from our homes?

Spiders are attracted by weather changes and insects. Spiders are also indirectly attracted by plants, open trash bins, dirty dishes, ripe or rotten fruit, and keeping the lights on at night. All of this will attract insects that in turn attract spiders.

  • Weather changes can cause spiders to come inside the house
  • Insects will lure spiders inside
  • Plants can indirectly cause spiders to enter your home
  • Open trash bins or dirty dishes can indirectly attract spiders inside
  • Ripe or rotten fruit will indirectly attract spiders
  • Spiders can enter your home through cracks, gaps, or small holes.
  • Keeping lights on when it´s dark outside will attract spiders

What Attracts Spiders to Your Home?

The two main things that attract spiders to your home are weather changes and insects.

There are a lot of indirect factors that can lure spiders inside but as long as you keep insects out of your home spiders won´t enter your home either.

Weather Changes

Spiders are survival specialists and they can survive in almost any weather condition.

Spiders are able to survive temperatures ranging from 23 °F (-5°C) all the way to 110°F (43°C) with ease.

But any big temperature change costs a lot of energy for the spider to adapt to. So it is often easier to simply enter a house where the temperature is already regulated.

This is especially apparent in the winter when spiders usually have to produce a chemical in their bodies to keep them from freezing.

Producing this chemical needs a lot of energy. So most spiders simply go indoors where it´s warm enough so that they don´t have to produce the chemical.


Almost every animal on this planet will be attracted by its food source and spiders are no exception.

Spiders eat insects and will go wherever they find them.

This is also why spiders are indirectly attracted by so many things. Pretty much anything that will attract insects will also attract spiders. This includes plants, open trash bins, dirty dishes, ripe or rotten fruit, and more.


Well-cared-for plants will not attract any insects but even the best gardener may sometimes have mites, aphids, or other pests on their plants.

Any insects will eventually attract spiders that want to eat them.

Open Trash Bins or Dirty Dishes

Dirty dishes and unsealed trash bins will attract insects as well and thus indirectly attract spiders.

So keeping your kitchen clean by washing dishes right away and using trash bins with a lid can drastically reduce the insect population in your home.

And fewer insects also means fewer spiders.

Ripe or Rotten Fruit

Ripe or rotten fruit is also a big magnet for insects.

Keeping a close eye on your fruit and getting a fruit ball that can be covered up with a fly protection will help immensely in keeping spiders away.

Keeping Lights on When it´s Dark Outside

Moths and similar nocturnal insects are attracted to light when it’s dark outside.

So make sure that you keep the windows shut at night when you have lights on inside to keep those insects out.

By doing so you will also indirectly keep spiders outside.

If you want to know why moths are attracted to light then consider reading our article about moths and why they are attracted to light right here.

How to Keep Spiders Away

Now that we know what attracts spiders it is finally time to have a look at how to keep them away.

To keep spiders away it is important to keep insects away. Fewer insects in your home also mean fewer spiders. There are also certain plants that smell strong, like lavender, that will keep spiders away. And finally, fixing cracks, holes, and caps in your home will keep spiders outside.

Remove Webs Regularly

If you have a lot of webs in your home then you should remove them regularly to keep the spider population in your home in check.

Webs are used for hunting, breeding, and mating.

So if you remove them often then the spider will eventually search out new hunting grounds.

You may also remove a web with spider eggs in them thus keeping them from hatching in the first place.

Keep Insects Out of Your Home

The most important part about keeping spiders out of your home is keeping insects out.

Spiders eat insects to survive and if they don´t have anything to eat then they will quickly move on and leave your home.

So keep your kitchen clean, keep your house plants healthy, and use a trash bin with a lid.

Certain Plants Can Keep Spiders Away

There are quite a few plants that can keep spiders away.

Mostly strong-smelling plants are great at keeping spiders away.

Plants like lavender, basil, mint, rosemary, and marigolds are great at keeping spiders at bay.

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