Temperature Sensetivity of Tarantulas

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I already covered that obsessing over getting a tarantulas cage to the right humidity level and how it can actually be bad for your tarantula but how about temperature. Is it important to get the temperature exactly right or do tarantulas actually not mind if the temperature is not in the perfect range?

As a whole, tarantulas aren’t very temperature sensitive. As long as the temperature is at around room temperature then the tarantula will do just fine. As long as the tarantula’s cage does not get colder than 65° F (18° C) or hotter than 75°F (23°C) then the temperature is fine for most tarantulas.

Obviously, there are some tarantulas that prefer higher temperatures but they usually won´t mind if the temperature is slightly lower than the recommended temperature.

So you don´t need to obsess over getting the right temperature in your tarantula’s cage. Just try to get it to a good temperature that is close enough.

You can see how your tarantula reacts. If it constantly tries to escape or is overly active then it might be unhappy and you have to change something. You can read more about how to know if your tarantula is happy right here.

If your tarantula basically plays pet rock then you did something right. A happy tarantula doesn´t have to look for a new cage or food. In this case, you can leave the temperate the way it is.

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