Do Spiders Drink Water?

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We all know that spiders eat insects and are able to build webs but how do they stay hydrated? Like almost all animals on our earth, they need water to survive.

As a whole, spiders do drink water. They drink water from leaves and stones in the wild or from windows or the glass front of their terrarium. Spiders held as pets need to periodically be sprayed with water to allow them to drink the water droplets.

You can sometimes even see spiders drink from water drops in the wild or in your home.

You can sometimes see spiders sitting on fruit but spiders are carnivores so they don´t usually eat fruit. But they sometimes drink the nectar of the fruit to rehydrate.

Spiders drink by sucking the liquid up with their mouth that is located behind their fangs. Sometimes you can see a pet spider’s mouth when it is clinging to the glass of its habitat.

How to Give Pet Spiders Water?

If you have a spider as a pet at home then you have to give your spider water on a regular basis.

Pet spiders need water to survive. You can either provide it with a bowl of water or spray the spider periodically with some water to make sure that it has a constant supply of water.

Even spiders that usually live in deserts or other dry environments need some source of water. And spiders that live in tropical environments will need more water than other spiders.

Make sure that you don´t give your spider too little water as it will dehydrate if it has not enough water to drink.

How do Spiders Drink Water in the House?

Where you ever wondering how spiders survive in your house? It is obvious that they catch all the insects then find their way into your home but how do they get water to drink?

As a whole, spiders in your house drink water droplets that are left in your bath after showering or washing. They also drink water from plant pots, from plants, and water from your sink. That is why you often encounter spiders in the bath, near the toilet, or near the kitchen.

So if you were ever wondering why you mainly encounter spiders in the kitchen or in the bath then there you go.

It’s because spiders have to drink in a house the only sources of water are in the kitchen or in the bath.

Do Spiders Pee?

This is one of those questions that you hear and you can´t help yourself but laugh until you think about it and then you realize that this seemingly stupid question is actually a very interesting one.

As a whole, spiders don´t pee as we humans do. Their pee is semi-solid and is being excreted through the spider’s anus. It is very similar to how birds and reptiles poop. The white part of the spider poo is the urine and the darker part is the actual poo.

The pee of the spider is also slightly acidic meaning it will slightly react with some metals.

So when a bigger spider is pooping on metal and you don´t clean it off right away then it might leave a slightly discolored and permanent mark on the metal.

If you want to know how spider poo looks like then just imagine bird poo but smaller and slightly more solid.

Spider poo is sometimes mistaken for webbing but where webbing is thin and clearly comprised of small strings spider poo is one semi-solid mass.

If the spider only “pees” meaning it only excretes white poo and very little solid mass then it almost doesn´t smell. Only the solid mass, which is the actual poo, smells.

But that part of the poo is really smelly because spiders are carnivores (they only eat meat) and as such their poo just smells worse than that of herbivores (they only eat plants).

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